Special Hush Coupon Code Saves You Money Until June 10th – Act Now And Save

Special Hush Coupon Code Saves You Money Until June 10th – Act Now And Save

Special Hush Coupon Code Saves You Money Until June 10th – Act Now And Save

Good day to all the decorating enthusiasts out there. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This is a special announcement to inform you that you can enjoy a 20% discount off anything on our website(s).

Simply use the exclusive coupon code “America”, before June 10, 2022. There are no quotes or parenthesis. Enter the word “America” in the coupon code box during checkout and click “apply”. The screen will refresh and you will get an exclusive 20 percent discount, if you place your order before June 10, 2022.‎ This exclusive coupon code will expire on June 10, 2022 and you will no longer be able to use it after that date.  The coupon code currently online, that is available to all users, is for a 15 percent discount off your order total. That coupon code is available to all visitors who visit our website(s). The coupon code “America” (no quotes or parenthesis) is only being offered here, in this article and again, will expire June 10, 2022.


If you had your eye on any of our artificial Christmas trees, LED Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, Incandescent Christmas lights and/or Christmas ornaments too. Now is the time to place your order and get the best deal. This offer will only appear once, in this article and the information will not be distributed anywhere else by Team Santa Inc.  So if you are lucky enough to catch this article about saving money, you have the exclusive opportunity to save 20 percent off, if you order before June 10, 2022.

This coupon code cannot be combined with any other coupon code, offer or a request to haggle. Just enter the word “America” in the coupon code box when checking out using our shopping cart and get a 20 percent discount. Instead, if you prefer, you can send your order and the coupon code in a simple email message to support@teamsanta.com and tell us what it is that you want to purchase. We will then send you a secure online invoice to your email address, that you can pay with either a debit or credit card.

If you don’t feel like using the Team Santa Inc. shopping cart, simply send our support staff your order by email and we will take care of everything for you. We guarantee that you will have an good customer experience. Enjoy your day.

Until we meet again, happy decorating!

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc.


Patriotic Decorations|‎Lighted Uncle Sam Hat Made in the USA

Patriotic Decorations ‎Lighted Uncle Sam Hat Made in the USA

Patriotic Decorations|‎Lighted Uncle Sam Hat Made in the USA

Hello to all the decorating enthusiasts out there. We are pleased to be able to share with you, another fantastic patriotic decoration.

“Uncle Sam Wants You”

Our new lighted Uncle Sam decoration is so popular. Now with both Memorial Day and July 4th fast approaching, now is the time to place your order for the lighted Uncle Sam decoration.

Just like our other yard art, the lighted Uncle Sam Hat decoration is constructed on a solid steel frame. Premium quality LED Christmas lights are already installed on the decoration. All you need to do is open the carton and decide where you are going to put this fabulous new lighted decoration. it’s a wonderfully patriotic decoration.

The lighted Uncle Sam decoration can be installed just about anywhere you want. You can hang it anywhere that you think it will look real good. Remember, it’s lighted, so there needs to be an outlet close by, unless you use an extension cord. Additionally, lawn stakes are included for those of you who prefer to stick the lighted Uncle Sam hat in the dirt, lawn, etc.

Right now is an excellent time to order because there is still time before the upcoming special national holidays. We are having a Springtime Savings Event. If you purchase anything $75 or more, you will save 15 percent off your order total and ground shipping is FREE. That’s why now is an excellent time to order.  The turn around time for orders placed today is approximately 10 days. That’s how long it takes before you receive your lighted Uncle Sam Hat.  The Patriotic Decorations sold online are all of the highest quality. The ‎Lighted Uncle Sam Hat Made in the USA is no exception. Constructed using the finest materials.

If you need the decoration quickly and you want the order sent super fast, then please indicate this in the special instructions box upon checkout. Team Santa Inc. will expedite your order. It is important to include those instructions, when you place your order. We will take care of the rest.

Should you have a question, or would like more information, even perhaps place an order, don’t hesitate to send an email to support@teamsanta.com. We promise to be right there to provide the information you requested in our response. It’s a good idea to put support@teamsanta.com in your address book so nothing ends up in the spam folder. If staying up to date is important to you, then you will want to add support@teamsanta.com to your email address book.

This was so much fun today. How bout we try to do it again tomorrow and feature yet another new patriotic decoration? Sound good? Will do.  Until then, it’s happy decorating everyone. Stay safe and be well. We will see ya again before Friday.

Warm Regards,

Team Santa Inc.