Hang This Lighted Decoration Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Hang This Lighted Decoration Where The Sun Don't Shine

Hello Decorating Enthusiasts –

Thank you for joining us for another edition of the Official Team Santa Inc. Blog. Today’s featured decoration requires that you have both your sun glasses and sun screen available, before reading this post. No joke! We have something really bright and very hot to show you.

Today’s featured item is our new LED Lighted Sun decoration.  Go ahead and get as close to this decoration as you like. It’s perfectly fine, just put on those sunglasses on and be liberal with the sun screen and you will be ready to hang this smoking hot Spring and Summer decoration anywhere on your home or business. The magnificent LED sun decoration is suitable for recreational areas as well. Perhaps out back, where the party is or under the tent where they may be having lunch by the pool.

The lighted sun decoration is made in America, by Americans and it shows. The high quality LED string lighting is delightfully brilliant and amazingly colorful. It’s impossible to avoid looking at this beautiful lighted decoration, no matter where you decide to use it.  With deep orange/gold type LED string lights pre-installed, all you have to do is hang the lighted decoration, then plug it in and you’re all set. The lighted sun decoration makes an awesome conversation starter, so it’s a great talking point at your Spring and Summer parties! The quarter inch steel frame is adorned by hundreds of golden colored and red colored LED Christmas lights. It will absolutely have everyone who sees it, oohing and aahhing. The face on the hanging sun decoration is totally cool. It begs you to order one for anywhere you may need some extra light.

The lighted sun decoration can be used both indoors or outdoors and is a perfect visual accessory to add to a new or existing merchandise display, that may feature towels, sun screen and/or any other type of beach attire or products. The LED light bulbs stay cool all the time, this makes the string lights on the sun, suitable for establishments like restaurants, retail stores, bars, bistros, diners and even pubs. We absolutely guarantee that the lighted sun decoration will be an absolute show stopper, anywhere you decide to use it. Measuring a sizable 38 inches in diameter and approximately 5 pounds, the sun makes a visual impact regardless of where it’s installed. It also looks terrific in the daytime too.

Place your order now for this wonderful decoration and receive delivery in May. Hang the lighted sun decoration in the same area where you and your friends will be chilling for the next few months. We absolutely guarantee that you fall in love with this product. Orders placed today, receive FREE shipping, so there is no excuse not to have this lighted sun decoration for all the upcoming Spring and Summer celebrations.  Team Santa Inc. provides several ways to pay. You can order any product in our selection by using the shopping cart on the website(s). You can also place an order by sending an email to support@teamsanta.com or calling toll free 888-770-9392. If you call, please be sure to leave us with your detailed contact information, so that we can get back to you promptly.

Team Santa Inc. will be back again tomorrow with another fine decoration, guaranteed to get that decorating enthusiasm humming.  So…. until the next time we meet, we wish you all the best the world has to offer you. Happy decorating!

Warm Regards,

Team Santa Inc.