Get the Low Price Guarantee on Christmas Lights and Decorations All Year Round

Low Price Guarantee

Get the Low Price Guarantee on Christmas Lights and Decorations All Year Round

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to another Team Santa Inc. blog post. Today, we are so excited to announce that the Team Santa Inc. Low Price Guarantee V 2.0, will be in effect again in 2022

Let us briefly introduce you to this cost cutting program. Although, the promotion is in its third year, every year it becomes more popular. We anticipate that in 2022 the Low Price Guarantee will save you an astounding amount of money on our entire selection seasonal and holiday decorations.

When you encounter a specific product that you are looking for, we have good news for you. Not only will you be able find the decoration on the Team Santa Inc. websites, but we will guarantee that we beat any competitor price offered on the Internet. Here’s the kicker! Not only can we beat the price, but we’ll beat the competitors price by five dollars.

Wowser! Yes, you heard right. Why don’t I explain how the Low Price Guarantee works. Kindly allow us to provide you with a simple example of how Team Santa Inc. will beat the price from any of our online competitors.


Amazon is selling a Christmas tree or decoration for $149. That same product is offered on Team Santa’s for $169. Once you provide us with the web address of the competitor’s lower price, Team Santa Inc. will review the pricing and reduce the current price to $164, so you save another five dollars off the competitor’s price. You also get FREE GROUND SHIPPING TOO! (offer in the continental USA only).

All you have to do is to send an email to and say that you want us to give you the LOW PRICE GUARANTEE in the subject of the email message. ‎In the body of the email message, kindly include the links or web addresses to both the competitors product, as well as the Team Santa Inc. product. Include the quantity that you want to purchase, plus the state where the order will be delivered. We will not only offer you the lowest price possible, but we also offer you an additional five dollars extra to put in your pocket.

We think that you will agree that a $5 savings off the lowest price found anywhere, is worth a “double take”, because you will not be able to purchase the same decoration anywhere at a lower price, when you use the Team Santa Inc. Low Price Guarantee. Five dollars is still five dollars and can be used to purchase so many other important things. Heck, you can buy for example, two hot dogs for lunch, five 16 ounce bottles of water to keep you hydrated, a pair of socks without a hole by the big toe and even a stocking stuffer to give to a family member or friend as a Christmas gift. It’s silly to give your hard earned money away when you don’t have to. Go ahead and see how much money you can save with our Low Price Guarantee. This promotion is available on all Team Santa’s websites year round, so you can always get the lowest price when shopping with Team Santa Inc.

Until the next time, we will continue to offer you the lowest prices on artificial Christmas trees, decorations and Christmas lightsHave a great day and a great weekend. We’ll see you again soon. Enjoy! 😎

Happy Decorating!
​Team Santa Inc.