Lighted Decorations For Valentine’s Day

Lighted Valentine's Day Decorations

Lighted Decorations For Valentine’s Day

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another post on the Official Team Santa Inc. blog. Right now Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away. Have you checked out the Valentine’s Day decorations that we have for sale? Order any Valentine’s Day decoration on our website and enjoy next day, free ground shipping with your order.   Shop now and get a 30% discount.

Our lighted decorations for Valentine’s Day are only available while supplies last. So, now is a great time to shop whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter or Christmas decorations. We have the staff to provide you with the attention that you deserve.

When you visit, please email us. We would be happy to show you our Valentine’s Day decorations for 2024. If you would like to see another line of decorations just send an email to, and a representative from Team Santa Inc. is happy to help you.  Lastly? Saint Patrick’s Day decorations are starting to ship out daily. If you decorate for Saint Patrick’s Day, you will absolutely want to see our selection of St. Patrick’s decor.

Happy Decorating!
Team Santa Inc.

Spring Is Only A Few Weeks Away Treat Yourself To An LED Lighted Springtime Decoration


Spring Is Only A Few Weeks Away Treat Yourself To An LED Lighted Springtime Decoration

Welcome back to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. Weekly e-News hot off the presses. ‎Next Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Remember the flowers guys. However, after that, we have smooth sailing all the way to SPRING. Only a mere five weeks after Cupid’s Valentine Celebration, we’ll will begin to warm up and rid our weather system of all this cold weather. Team Santa Inc. is based in New Jersey, so ‎although we do get our share of cold weather, it’s the tropics compared to the northern US states, from Maine to Washington. “Baby it’s cold outside”, and that’s a  reality. Southern US states are cold as well. Not as cold as the north. Team Santa Inc. is getting ready for springtime decorating with wonderfully new LED lighted indoor/outdoor decorations. From Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th, until Easter Sunday on April 21st, these are two excellent reasons to enjoy the holiday with these exciting new LED lighted decorations. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking green beer and eating a corn beef sandwich. So chin up, the “the future is so bright that you have to wear shades”. Join and use coupon code shamrock during the checkout process this week only to save 20% off these darling and whimsical lighted Saint Patrick’s Day and/or Easter decorations. This 20% coupon code will expire automatically on Thursday February 15, 2019. Go ahead and order your springtime LED lighted holiday decorations in time to take advantage of the twenty percent discount coupon code. Spend $75 and get free shipping anywhere inside the continental U.S.A.

Planning a wedding? At the Team Santa Inc. String Lights Store, you save 20% off all wedding string lights. Kindly use coupon code shamrock during the checkout process on String Lights Store and too to save an extra 20% off your order. We have a large selection of both incandescent and LED wedding lights. Well, it’s been real but I must be off. This elf was just accepted to Dental School. 😎

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Light Up Your Valentine’s Day Event With LED Lighted Valentine’s Day Decorations on Sale and Available for Immediate Delivery

Light Up Your Valentine’s Day Event With LED Lighted Valentine’s Day Decorations on Sale and Available for Immediate Delivery
Greetings Decorating Enthusiast –
Welcome back to our weekly series of promotional emails covering the pastime of decorating for the holidays. There are plenty of us out there who like to decorate their home and/or business for the holidays all year round. This weekly email designed to bring you new information about decorating for the holiday along with new seasonal decorating products. Orders for our LED light up decorations orders mostly ship FedEx and are usually delivered approximately 72 hours after you place your order. The lighting is “LED” which means they are green energy.  All these signs use very little energy. Approximately 80% to 90% less energy than the incandescent counter part. They save you money each time they are used and will pay for themselves over time.  SAVE 15% OFF WITH COUPON CODE CUPID.  Please remember to use the coupon code when you are ready to order.  It’s not too late to add Amore’ to your upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration and or event. Our lighted decorations are hand made, right here in the USA. High quality materials and good old American ingenuity combine to produce just a delightful selection of year round lighted decorations. LED strings come pre-installed and clipped securely on the sturdy steel frame.  If you have a Valentine’s Day celebration going on in the next few weeks, then these lighted Valentine’s Day decorations are incredible to use to play up the celebration. They look very nice at school or church related Valentine’s Day functions.  These lighted Valentine’s Day signs will look absolutely stellar at any bar, pub, retail store all can all benefit from having a Valentine’s Day decoration at their event, promotion or other celebration, etc. Made for both indoor outdoor use. Take proper care and the decoration will provide you with many years of enjoyment. High quality, made in the USA product. Makes a great gift!  Search our database for all products containing the word “Valentine“.    Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Santa Inc.
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Happy Decorating! 😎
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Most orders ship in 24 hours.  Offers only good while supplies last.