Cashmere Fir Natural and Realistic High Quality Artificial Christmas Tree Free Shipping


Cashmere Fir Natural and Realistic High Quality Artificial Christmas Tree Free Shipping

Greetings Decorating Enthusiast –

Welcome back to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. News Daily.
Today we want to show you what we believe to be an incredibly real looking prelighted artificial Christmas tree.

It’s called the Cashmere Fir, and its loaded with 900 warm white LED Christmas lights pre installed. The tree is hinged construction so simply fold up for storage and fold down for use. No assembly required. This particular prelit artificial Christmas tree‎ is of high quality and incredible value. Your friends will ask you where did you get this most awesome looking artificial Christmas tree. So natural looking. Just tell them Team Santa Inc. has this tree and is selling it on

For those of you not familiar with LED Christmas lights or never had a prelighted tree, the color warm white is akin to the old fashioned clear string light sets. The glow that itemits is simply magnificent. Soft white makes it easy on the eyes while the branches are realistically natural to the touch.

Own this tree right now for $750 delivered to your door. The tree is 8.5 feet tall and is loaded with goreous lush branches. Don’t want to pay $750 and want to pay less? Justsend Team Santa Inc. your offer and they will get back to you promptly. Everyone will love your new natural looking Christmas tree. The Cashmere Fir is available in other
sizes with or without lights. Simply visit for the entire selection. Team Santa Inc. has over 1700 different styles of artificial Christmas trees. Prelighted, unlighted, tabletop, unique and unusual Christmas trees. Even upside down lighted artificial Christmas trees. is America’s #1 Christmas Store and where you go to purchase this stellar prelighted artificial Christmas tree.‎ Not only for the home but an excellent selection for any community gathering location. All trees 5 feet and over enjoy free ground shipping the entire month of September. ‎So don’t delay!

We can’t wait to show you it on our website. Come with me now and I will show it to you.‎ 😎

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