Eerie Looking, Animated Witch with Broom Halloween Decoration

Animated Witch with Broom LED Lighted Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Eerie Looking, Animated Witch with Broom Halloween Decoration ‎

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Today’s gem is a hilarious, Animated, Upside Down Witch With Broom Stick. Apparently this lighted witch is in a bit of a bind. It looks as though the witch is stuck in a chimney, from one of her broom stick rides. Watch hilariously as her feet dangle while her head is stuck in, well, whatever you like. Outstanding rooftop lighted Halloween decoration. Also ideal to fit perfectly within an existing Halloween decorations display. Whether you hang it or use it as a lawn decoration. It just looks adorable. Lawn stakes included.

The trick or treaters will surely enjoy this lighted Halloween Witch decoration and so will the neighborhood. It’s guarantee to be a smash hit. It’s even made in the USA. Now is the time to place your order as the decoration is in stock and available for immediate delivery. You also get free shipping and pay zero sales tax.

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