Lighted Fireworks Decoration Sparking Interest By Decorators Worldwide

Lighted Fireworks Decoration Sparking Interest By Decorators Worldwide

Greetings to all you Decorating Enthusiasts out there! Do we have an adorable lighted decoration to show you today. So keep on reading……

Every Summer we celebrate the fourth of July with a bang! Meaning, there is usually a fireworks display happening somewhere near by your location.  The excitement of Independence Day here in the USA is always fun and has prompted our supply house to make our very own LED Lighted Fireworks decoration, which can be plugged into any open electrical outlet.

With super bright LED Christmas lights pre-installed with miniature clips on the solid steel frame, all you have to do is place this decoration where you want it and plug it in.  The lighted fireworks display, obviously is awesome for the July 4th holiday. However, you can use this decoration in a myriad of different ways.

The decoration looks outstanding when installed in a picture window or really any window for that matter. Measuring an efficient 18 inches, makes it usable indoors too, for so many different applications and ideas. You are only limited by your imagination, as to how to feature this versatile product in your decorations display. Many Team Santa Inc. customers include our lighted patriotic decorations, among their existing Christmas decorations display, in the Fall holiday decorating season.

From afar, this super cool lighted decoration emulates the look of a real fireworks display. One that you see during the Summer months of July and August. Whether you are creating a patriotic display using our other lighted patriotic decorations, or you think that this decoration will look nice in your window, then you should be pleased with the appearance of this fireworks decoration.

IMPORTANT: The product is extremely colorful and super bright. The LED light bulbs are rated for 40,000 hours, and we always have replacement light strings on hand if any of the bulbs on your lighted decoration go dark.

Another cool feature is that this decoration uses LED string lights which do not get warm when lit. This makes them perfect for indoor use and outdoor use. The lighted fireworks decoration looks absolutely awesome, simply pitched in the dirt of your garden, among your flowers. Space them out around your plantings and watch as the folks who pass by enjoy your lighted garden in the evening as well.

Please be sure to look at our other lighted American decorations, all made of the highest quality and many made in America. There is no assembly required. Take the decoration out of the carton, plug it in and you’ll be on your way to building a lovely decoration display. Check out all our Christmas lights too.  We have them in all colors. They are guaranteed to give your display a very sharp finishing touch.  Don’t forget to bookmark this website or add it to your favorites. This way, you can come by anytime of year for tons of lighted fun.

We’ll be back before the weekend with another featured decoration for you to enjoy. Until then, “Happy Decorating” to you and yours!

Warm Regards,

Team Santa Inc.