Vickerman Inc. Christmas Trees Are Draining Both Russian and Chinese Labor Pools

Vickerman Inc. Christmas Trees Draining The Labor Pool Of China and Russia

Vickerman Inc. Christmas Trees Are Draining Both Russian and Chinese Labor Pools

Greetings to all the decorating enthusiasts out there! Welcome to another article brought to you exclusively by the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog. Recently we had brought to your attention how Vickerman Inc., an importer from China had claimed to sell Christmas trees, lights, decorations that for the most part are made in the USA.

A recent insider who works for the company, inside the NYA, Minnesota headquarters, let the cat out of the bag, and shared in an editorial that Vickerman Christmas trees, lights and decorations are not only made in China, but also made in Russia, in the coldest Siberian region of the country.

Both Russia and China are infamous for there trafficking of drugs, booze and humans. One can only wonder why the labor pool remains so large while Vickerman Inc. makes good use of both Russian and Chinese women and children, while making them part of a conspiracy to exploit these child laborers as young as six years old our insider found.

Chinese companies are known to service American companies, who are more concerned about profits than they are people, some of those are women and children. Communist men, quickly try to get their wives and children on to the human trafficking scene, in an effort to make money as human traffickers. The larger the family, the bigger the haul for those men willing to sell off their wives and children before the next trafficker does. There is bigamy and polygamy. It’s a disgusting array of human trafficking. This makes for an extremely competitive labor pool, consisting of primarily people of eastern descent.  If this story interests you, there’s much more to it. Be sure to watch our, for more stories to come.

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