Lighted God Bless America Sign For Your Home or Business

Lighted God Bless America Sign For Your Home or Business

Lighted God Bless America Sign For Your Home or Business

Hello Decorating Enthusiasts!

Thank you for joining us for our most recent edition of the Team Santa Inc. Blog. Today we have something to show you, that should pump up your patriotic feelings for the USA.  That’s right! We have a three piece LED powered God Bless America sign, just in time for the Spring and Summer months. While shining brilliantly in the USA colors, this Spring and Summer patriotic lighted decoration is an absolute sight to behold.  Our God Bless America sign will show your neighbors, the pride and devotion you have for the USA.

Hundreds of red, white and blue mini Christmas lights, come pre-installed on the solid quarter inch metal frame. The bulbs are attached using special snap on clips that hold the mini lights in place, while keeping each bulb pointing in the same direction. This small feature makes a huge difference. When the bulbs are pointed in the same direction they sit parallel against the frame, instead of sticking up and down, all over the place. This makes a big difference of how the decoration looks when lit.

Our illuminated God Bless USA decoration comes in 3 separate pieces, for either hanging on your property or sticking in the ground, with the included ground stakes. Team Santa Inc. uses the highest quality LED bulbs that are rated for 40,000 hours. With so many hours, if treated with care, your God Bless America sign should provide you with many years of happiness.

Team Santa Inc. is loaded with a ton of different patriotic decorations this year. These decorations are ideal when remembering Memorial Day, July 4th, Flag Day and of course Election Day, if you should decide to keep it up that long. Hey here’s an idea! Buy one for the polling station for the next election. The God Bless America decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors and look great on your home or business. The sign also comes already assembled, so all you have to do is place it where you want, then plug it in.

You should take a look at our delightful selection of lighted patriotic or also called lighted American decorations, that are actually made in America. Now that’s something, you don’t see that much anymore. Order your red, white and blue lighted sign now and have it for Memorial Day and for July 4th. It’s an absolute talking point wherever you decide to install it.

Stop by our website(s) at this time and enjoy a 15 percent discount during our spring time sale on everything we sell. Orders more than $75 enjoy free shipping via FedEx 3 day service. Some of these lighted decorations are quite large and are shipped via trailer truck. Check the product you are considering on the product’s detail page for more information.  You’ll start hearing, USA! USA! USA! when people pass by this lovely touch of lighted Americana at it’s best. Oh wait!  You also can leave the lighted God Bless America sign up all year round and then eventually incorporate the decoration into your Christmas lights and holiday decorations display.

Whether you decide to install it on your home or on the inside or outside of your business, it’s guaranteed to look great! The product photo just doesn’t do it justice. Orders are now being taken for this three piece lighted USA decoration. Delivery is approximately 3 weeks at this time. So now is really the time to order if you would like one of these neat lighted decorations for your home or business in the near future. Hey! Got a question? Please feel free to send email to at any time and we will respond promptly. Email messages are answered 7 days a week.

So, until we meet next time, it’s “Happy Decorating” to you and yours.

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc.