Spring Lighted Window Decorations Sale Going On Now Get Free Shipping

Spring Lighted Window Decorations Sale Going On Now Get Free Shipping

Spring Lighted Window Decorations Sale Going On Now Get Free Shipping

Welcome decorating enthusiasts to our Spring Lighted Window Decorations Sale.  We have some really cool Spring and Summer lighted window decorations that will add a little festivity to your home or business windows.

Each lighted window decoration comes with mini Christmas lights that are pre-installed on the lighted window decoration.  All of our lighted window decorations use LED light bulbs, that do not get hot when lit. You can use all of these lighted window decorations safely indoors at your home or business.

We often suggest to our customers, that they first consider measuring the window display area. This way you know how big of a decoration will fit in your window. Once you have determined the size information for the area of the window you are decorating, then you are ready to begin selecting the perfect lighted window decorations.

Team Santa Inc. sells only high quality LED Christmas lights. Even the Christmas lights that are installed on the lighted window decorations are all premium quality LED Christmas lights. Each string of lights used on the window decorations, has the bulb colors which are necessary to build the selected product. Click on over and shop our selection of lighted window decorations. Now is a good time to place an order. Lighted flowers are in bloom.

** Shipping at this  time (05/09/22) takes approximately 10 days to 2 weeks **

It is also important to note, that some of the larger lighted decorations can also be made smaller so they can be used as lighted window decorations too. Please feel free to contact [email protected] at any time for more information.

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Until then, happy decorating!

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