Here Comes The Easter Bunny And He Has Colored Eggs For Easter

Here Comes The Easter Bunny And He Has Colored Eggs For Easter

Welcome decorating enthusiasts, to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. blog; where we feature products and promotions that are taking place on our Team Santa Inc. websites.

This year we have an adorable line up that will make the Easter Bunny proud. Now keep in mind that Easter is only a few weeks away. We have lighted bunny silhouettes for your windows along with whimsical  lighted Easter decorations to hang on your home or business. You can also pitch these decorations in the ground, maybe on your front lawn.

Our Easter Bunnies are equipped with super bright LED mini lights. The mini string lights that come pre-installed on the frame of the bunny are always cool to the touch. The bulbs never get hot, thus giving you the flexibility to use the decoration any way you want.

If your store sells Easter candy, then why not incorporate one of the lighted bunnies into the visual display of products that you have in your store? We have all different size Easter Bunnies for your springtime decorating pleasure.

Our selection is absolutely unsurpassed. We even sell a high quality Easter Bunny costume. IMPORTANT: Sizes of the costumes are selling quick, so if you want to purchase a high quality Easter Bunny costume for your display, we encourage to shop now. These costumes are so cute and use the finest material that will turn anyone into a precious Easter Bunny for the day.

Our larger illuminated Easter bunnies can be hung just about anywhere and as previously stated The bunnies can also be pitched in the dirt or on your lawn. We suggest using cable ties to secure the decoration if your hanging it. Stakes are included for those who wish to display their bunny in the ground or on the front lawn.

We have numerous possibilities for you to explore among our selection of Easter Bunnies. So hop on over and take a peek at all the different Easter bunnies we sell for your Easter celebration which this year is April 17, 2022. We hope to see you soon!

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Team Santa Inc.