Lighted Butterfly Decorations For Sale On Our Website

Lighted Butterfly Decorations For Sale On Our Website
Lighted Butterfly Decorations For Sale On Our Website

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another brand new social media announcement that is hot off the press.

We’ve been doing our best to help Team Santa Inc. customers to break out some wonderful Easter decorations for both indoors or outdoor use. This selection of lighted decorations are made right here in the USA.‎  Today, Team Santa Inc. would like to show you model number 902BFLLighted Hanging Butterfly Decoration“. Wowser!  Is this decoration awesome for Springtime decorating or what?  Butterflies are one sure sign that the warmer weather is imminent. When you look out the window and see butterflies, there is a good chance that it’s the Spring decorating season.

Along with all of the fabulous Easter decorations, we also have other lighted decorations for Spring. We call them “Seasonal Decorations” and this year our selection is a behemoth. ‎ Team Santa Inc. currently has over 700 lighted holiday and seasonal decorations for all year round.

The Lighted Hanging Butterfly decoration is built on a sturdy frame and includes a bunch of mini LED lights, that come pre-installed on the decoration. Measuring 40″ x 39″ (over three feet across), this beautiful decoration is sure to create that special visual impact, wherever you plan to use it.

With a lovely blend of colors of purple, green and white, when plugged in, the lighted butterfly decoration is so cool. It’s totally hip and will look outstanding among your other Spring decorations. You can also use it to add some vibrancy to your flower beds until they bloom in late Spring or Summer. You may also stick the butterfly decoration in the ground. It’s your call, either hang it or keep it free standing. Either way, we know you are going to like it.

Come on by and say hello to Team Santa Inc. Please stay a while and check out the sale on Easter string lights and decorations, along with the rest of the Springtime  decorations that we have among our comprehensive selection of lighted decorations.

Until the next time, we bid you farewell, as we determine our next featured Springtime decoration. We just don’t know what that is yet.  So we’ll see ya again real soon.

Warm Regards,
Team Santa Inc.