Trim The Christmas Tree – Hang the Christmas Lights – Put The Decorations Outdoors

Trim The Christmas Tree – Hang the Christmas Lights – Put The Decorations Outdoors

Greetings decorating enthusiasts! The holiday decorating season is in full swing and everybody’s decorating their home and business with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. We even saw a few lighted Hanukkah decorations too. I am happy to see that our latest outdoor lighted Hanukkah decorations are being well received.

Team Santa Inc. operates Christmas Utopia, which is the largest online Christmas store. Everything you need to decorate for the holiday is available. We have an incredible selection of Christmas lights. Both incandescent and LED. Over 500 different lighted outdoor decorations. Thousands of shatterproof plastic Christmas ornaments that are so incredibly realistic that they have replaced the traditional glass ornament that you use on your Christmas tree. The fact that they are unbreakable is awesome. If someone disturbs a ornament on the Christmas tree, it it will not break when it hits the floor. Speaking of Christmas trees, Christmas Utopia has a comprehensive selection of artificial Christmas trees, over 2000 trees to choose from. Both prelit and unlit.  We have trees that start at 2 feet tall and go up to 40 feet tall. The big artificial Christmas trees are for outdoor use as well. A special UV coating, allow the tree to be used outdoors, while the branches no longer change color. The foliage on the tree used to fade in the hot sun. However, we are pleased to announce because of the UV coating, that is no longer a problem. Click on over and see the trees.

This is such a cool time of year. People expressing so much creativity, that it’s absolutely wonderful to see so many people participating and decorating for the upcoming holidays. Right now, everything is on sale at 20 percent off plus free ground shipping and no tax. Artificial Christmas trees are on sale at 25 percent off the regular price. Great deals happening at Christmas Utopia.‎ Until we see you again, “happy decorating”.

Warmest Wishes,

Team Santa Inc.