Celebrate the Easter Season With the Praying Hands Lighted Easter Decoration

Lighted Praying Hands Easter Decoration

Celebrate the Easter Season With the Outdoor Lighted Praying Hands  Easter Decoration

Welcome back to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. E-News. Today’s introduction is really lovely. It’s called the Praying Hands Lighted Easter Decoration. Carefully hand crafted and adorned with purple and white LED string lights, pre-installed on a powder coated white steel frame, this beautiful decoration can be used indoors or outdoors. Hang it inside your house of worship. It will look awesome! You can hang it on the outside of your church, etc. or use it just about anywhere where you want show that Easter is coming Sunday, April 21. Proudly part of this years Spring Time Easter Decorations selection.  Try hanging it on your house. All you need is a cable tie or short piece of wire and a place to hang it. Looks absolutely stunning hanging off a deck, railing, garage door or even right on your front lawn. The decoration includes stakes so you can pitch the decoration just about anywhere there is dirt.‎ This Easter Decoration is only like six pounds and has LED lights all over it that use hardly any energy at all. We don’t have many of the Lighted Hands Easter decoration, so if you would like to order one don’t forget to take advantage of the discount coupon code and the FREE shipping that is included with this offer. We hope you enjoyed our post about the Praying Hands. We will see you again soon. Until next time..

Happy Decorating! 😎
-Team Santa Inc.