LED Lighting and Tips on Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations Before The First Snowfall

Christmas lights and decorations

LED Lighting and Tips on Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations Before The First Snowfall

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. News Daily. Our mission is to bring you a steady stream of decorating news for the holidays all year round. While there are so many creative inspirations on the Internet.  The picture above, I thought was very cool.‎  I downloaded the picture from Google Images.

Anyway, the team that decorated this house absolutely knew what they were doing. Obviously, using the latest technology of LED Christmas lighting, the camera that took the photo experienced next to no glare. The photo is a real beauty. I guess that could be considered yet another advantage of LED Christmas lights,  homes decorated in LED tend to look much nicer in photos. Not to mention the long term monetary savings associated with the low energy requirements.   The average LED light string should last 3-5 years if the string is maintained appropriately. What I mean by that is the LED string lights should come down just as gently as they are installed.

After Christmas, many of us want to take our decorations inside the house before the first significant snowfall. If you wait until the last minute,  you will find yourself taking down your Christmas decorations much faster than you put them up.  So try to remember and start early.  Just keep in mind that if you are more careful when taking down your holiday lights and decorations, they will undoubtedly experience a longer life span. On the topic of long life spans, our prelighted artificial Christmas trees that use LED, the string lights are warrantied for approximately 5 years. After that, we can repair the strings on the tree for a nominal fee. All the new LED prelighted artificial Christmas trees have this warranty. So keep in mind that when it comes to decorating, try to be just as careful on the way down as you are on the way up.

 Happy Decorating!

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