Lighted USA Sign Is a Delightful Patriotic Window Decoration

Lighted USA Sign Is a Delightful Patriotic Window Decoration

Lighted USA Sign Is a Delightful Patriotic Window Decoration

Greetings decorating enthusiasts! Welcome back to our most recent edition of the Team Santa Inc. holiday decorating blog.

Today, we have a wonderful new patriotic window decoration, that will fit in almost any window. USA! USA!‎ That’s the chant you will hear when passersby see your new lighted patriotic sign as they pass your property.  Illuminated in the country’s traditional colors of red, white and blue, this version of the stars and stripes, is so bright that you can actually see it from more than 100 yards away.

The lighted window and/or wall decoration is not only great for the window, but it looks absolutely terrific anywhere you decide to show it off. This includes both indoor and outdoor use. If using the decoration outdoors with an extension cord, it’s a good idea to wrap some waterproof electrical tape around the power plug and receptacle, in an effort to keep the power outlet dry at all times. You do not want the moisture to affect the operation of your sign. When you have finished using the lighted decoration for the season, wrap the cord up neatly with a twist tie and hang the sign on the wall or from the ceiling in the attic or basement. Try not to stack anything above and/or below it. Treat the lighted sign with care and this patriotic decoration should provide you with years of uninterrupted use. If one bulb goes out, the rest of the bulbs stay lit.

Pair the USA sign with other patriotic decorations from our selection, to prepare for both Memorial Day and the July 4th holiday. As you probably know, both holidays are right around the corner, so there’s not much time. The lighted USA decoration is larger than two feet wide and stands almost one foot tall, making it a good fit for most window sills. At less than $25, you cannot afford not to own this budget friendly, lighted USA sign. You get a whole lot of lights for a little bit of money. Quick tip: Spend $75 or more, get free ground shipping inside the continental USA.

Simply hang the lighted sign the same way you would hang a picture or any other decorative accessory on the wall or window. However, you’ll want to make sure that you hang the decoration by an electrical outlet so you can plug it in. If by chance an power outlet is not close to where you want to hang the decoration, then simply plug the lighted USA sign to an extension cord and ‎plug it in. The decorative USA sign will illuminate and demonstrate to all the people who pass by, who by far, has the coolest patriotic decorations in the neighborhood. It’s lightweight design makes it ideal for just about anywhere you want to hang it.

Whether you use this lighted rope light decoration for home or business, the lighted USA sign will demonstrate your love and allegiance for the United States of America. A country which is  governed by the people, for the people, the USA decoration will shine bright all evening long. You can even connect it to a timer and watch as the lighted USA sign comes on at dusk and shuts off at dawn, saving you energy when the sign is lit. Stop by our website and pick yourself up one of the hottest lighted patriotic decorations of this year. We guarantee, that you won’t be disappointed. Come see all of our patriotic decorations.

Until the next time we meet again, it’s “happy decorating to you and yours”.

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc.