Spookactular Ghoulish Halloween Decorations Sale 10% Off Free Shipping Order Today & Save


Spookactular Ghoulish Halloween Decorations Sale 10% Off Free Shipping Order Today & Save

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to our continuing series of promotional offers designed specifically to keep you informed of the Team Santa Inc. product selection. Almost 15,000 different seasonal decorations online. A lot of cute stuff for Halloween. Keep in mind that if you would like a decoration in a different color than the default color, just tell us ahead of time and we will put different color lights on the decoration.  Remember it’s FREE GROUND SHIPPING until September 15th. So now is an excellent time to place your order.

Today we have four more LED lighted Halloween decorations to show you that are made in the U.S.A. The first one is –

1. 905PKY Purple Halloween Spooky Eyes decoration. Illuminated with purple, white and red‎ LED string lighting pre-installed on the decoration. While this Halloween  decoration spells out SPOOKY, the eyes are scary looking down as if they were to cast a spell.

2, 905PWF Lighted Halloween Pumpkin decoration. This product arrives with LED Halloween lights pre-installed on the powder coated white steel.‎ Hang it on your railing, off your deck, on the garage, in the ground. The LED string lighting is cool to the touch. LED string lights can be used indoors. So you can use these decorations as part of a retail merchandising

‎3. 905GRIP Halloween Ghastly Ghosts with Tombstone spelling out RIP. This item looks awesome when used as part of an existing Halloween decorations display. Although when by itself it is creepy as all heck. Awesome for the lawn, doorway, garage door, railing, etc.

4.905BAT Halloween Flying Bat decoration. This item looks great indoors or outdoors and also has LED string lights pre-installed on the steel frame. Hang 2-3 of these lighted decoration on your home. Add some spooky tree lights and you will have scared the dickens out of your lair.

‎We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of the Team Santa Inc. News Daily, along with the lighted Halloween decorations we are showing on our web stores.  We hope you have a Spooktacular Labor Day.  Enjoy!

Happy Decorating!

Team Santa Inc.