Independence Day | Lighted Hanging Bunting Outdoor Patriotic Decoration 

Independence Day | Lighted Hanging Bunting Outdoor Patriotic Decoration

Independence Day | Lighted  Hanging Bunting Outdoor Patriotic Decoration

Greetings to all the decorating enthusiasts out there. Team Santa Inc. is extremely proud to announce and share with you another brand new lighted patriotic decoration for 2022. The hanging Lighted Independence Day Bunting decoration is just an awesome lighted patriotic decoration.

Alternating strings of Christmas lights in the traditional colors of red, white and blue demonstrate a Patriotic, Democratic, Republican political environment almost anywhere you decide to use it. It’s the perfect decoration to promote our country America aka the USA. This lighted decoration is also adorned with premium quality Christmas lights, which are already installed on the decoration. The Christmas lights are LED and use only a minimal amount of energy. It’s definitely a “green” type product.

All you have to do is open the box, remove the decoration, find a location to put the decoration, then plug it in. That’s all it takes to set up this nifty hanging lighted patriotic decoration. Use it both indoors and outdoors, the lighted bunting is extremely versatile and can be used in all sorts of ways.  Traditionally, this lighted patriotic decoration is for hanging on your home or business. You can hang it on the facade of your house or the company property. If you work from home, then you can simply disregard our second suggestion and choose to hang the decoration outside your home. The lighted bunting can be hung in a ton of different places. Too many to list here. However, we can share some additional display ideas such as hanging the lighted patriotic  decorations on the railing of your deck or your home’s staircase. Buy two strings and put them on the garage. If you intend on doing any type of political work for either a Republican or a Democrat, like possibly an office or a commercial building that needs to be decorated. Another idea is to hang the bunting either inside or outside your social club, etc., to demonstrate loyalty to your country, the United States of America. Whether your intentions are politically motivated or not, it really doesn’t matter. Anyone who is an American and/or pro USA is guaranteed to make excellent use of this lighted patriotic decoration. ‎ We have more lighted Patriotic decorations among our selection of products as well.

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Team Santa Inc.