April Showers Bring Special Lighted Flowers

April Showers Bring Special Lighted Flowers

April Showers Bring Special Lighted Flowers

Hey Decorating Enthusiasts!  Do we have a treat for you today.

We all know that April showers bring May flowers and preface the upcoming Summer season. In celebration of the beauty of flowers, we would like to share with you our selection of lighted flower decorations. The lighted flowers are so versatile and easy to use. Simply stick the flower in the ground, plug it in and you have yourself one delightful lighted floral decoration.

We have a comprehensive assortment of these delightful floral decorations. Daisies, Poinsettias, Tulips, etc. all make up our collection of these decorations which is quite vast indeed.

Include these lighted flower decorations in your garden, among your live flowers. You can create a bed of just “lighted flowers“. It will undoubtedly be a show stopper on your property.

Each lighted flower decoration is illuminated using high quality, custom made, LED string lights. Some of the lighted floral decorations also come in assorted colors. This feature is great, if you are planning on adding more than one lighted flower decoration to your display. Select three or four lighted tulips in different colors and mix them together for a lovely lighted floral display.

You can use these lighted flowers any way you like. In addition to sticking them into the ground, you can also fasten them to your railing(s) or line your stairs. You can even use the decoration indoors if you want. This is because the high quality custom LED string lights that come pre-installed on the 1/4 inch metal frame, do not get warm to the touch. This makes them great for visual merchandising in a store or in the store’s windows. We have lighted signs to market your flower shop, if you have one. We also have lighted branches and cherry trees. There’s just no end to what you can do with these lighted flower decorations. There are so many different styles to choose from. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

This year, build yourself a lighted tulip patch inside or outside your home or business. There is no assembly required and many of our skus are made in the USA, for those folks who only purchase American made products.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! We’ll be back next week as we close in on the Easter holiday. We just can’t wait! We hope to see you soon!  Until next time –

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc.