Vickerman Christmas Is Seeing “Red” – Whistle Blower: Christmas Trees, Lights and Decorations are all Made in Russia and China

Vickerman Christmas Is Seeing Red

Vickerman Christmas Trees, Lights and Decorations are all Made in China

Boy oh boy if it’s not one thing then it’s another. If you are a decorating enthusiast like me, then most likely you have heard of the brand Vickerman Inc. They sell Christmas trees, lights and decorations, etc. all made overseas.

Vickerman Inc. lists themselves as a manufacturer of the products they sell. That’s not true, because they are only the “importers” of products  that are all MADE IN FACTORIES IN CHINA.

Vickerman Inc. products over the years has been riddled with quality concerns. Most recently:

1. In 2017, was the “needle fiasco” tethered to their Christmas trees. Needles were literally falling off the branches and on the floor. It turned out that Vickerman Inc. artificial trees, shed more needles than live trees do. That was 2017.

2.In 2020, when Vickerman string lighting, was constantly failing and going out on all size strings, not too mention, they’re prelighted Christmas trees. This was a HUGE inconvenience for everyone. That was 2020.

3. Then last year (2022), they told us that this new PVC plastic being used on artificial Christmas trees, wreathes and garland, was completely UV resistant, and can be used outdoors. This created a nice option for tree lightings, etc. We shared this information with our customers. We’ll-> Not happening!  There is no UV protection at all. The green tree faded after only 6 days in the sun in New York.

We continue to offer their products, because there are people that still want to buy them. However, we believe that we have an obligation to be honest with you and share what we know.  So if you find that this information is good news or bad news or no news, always remember, “caveat emptor”, before you spend any of your hard earned money on Vickerman Christmas decorations that are MADE IN CHINA.

Thank you,‎

Team Santa Inc.