Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick’s Day Decoration

Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick's Day Decoration

Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick’s Day Decoration

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another fine article on the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog.  Today, we have a most lovely lighted Shamrock decoration, for use to help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This lighted shamrock is illuminated with superior quality M5 LED green Christmas lights that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Aside from looking outstanding in a picture window or other large size window, use it on any of your railings or front door of your building’s exterior.

The lighted shamrock decoration is made in the USA using the finest quality, powdered coated steel. Each bulb is meticulously pre-installed by hand on the metal frame. The Super bright bulbs on this Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock decoration all point in the same direction creating a stellar illuminated silhouette that can be seen from hundreds of feet away.

In addition to having the option of hanging this Irish decoration just about anywhere you like, you can also pitch each lighted shamrock decoration in the dirt, and use it anywhere in your yard. The lawn stake comes pre-installed, so all that is necessary, is to take the decoration out of the box, install it where you want it and simply plug it in.

If you have a commercial establishment, it might be a good idea to install this St. Patrick’s Day decoration at your business, just to show your customers that you celebrate everything Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This delightful lighted Irish decoration can be used anywhere you want. Simply light it up and  show all who pass by ,  that you too celebrate with lighted Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.

Until the next time, happy decorating!

Team Santa