Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick’s Day Decoration

Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick's Day Decoration

Lighted Shamrock A Wonderfully Whimsical Saint Patrick’s Day Decoration

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another fine article on the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog.  Today, we have a most lovely lighted Shamrock decoration, for use to help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This lighted shamrock is illuminated with superior quality M5 LED green Christmas lights that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Aside from looking outstanding in a picture window or other large size window, use it on any of your railings or front door of your building’s exterior.

The lighted shamrock decoration is made in the USA using the finest quality, powdered coated steel. Each bulb is meticulously pre-installed by hand on the metal frame. The Super bright bulbs on this Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock decoration all point in the same direction creating a stellar illuminated silhouette that can be seen from hundreds of feet away.

In addition to having the option of hanging this Irish decoration just about anywhere you like, you can also pitch each lighted shamrock decoration in the dirt, and use it anywhere in your yard. The lawn stake comes pre-installed, so all that is necessary, is to take the decoration out of the box, install it where you want it and simply plug it in.

If you have a commercial establishment, it might be a good idea to install this St. Patrick’s Day decoration at your business, just to show your customers that you celebrate everything Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This delightful lighted Irish decoration can be used anywhere you want. Simply light it up and  show all who pass by ,  that you too celebrate with lighted Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.

Until the next time, happy decorating!

Team Santa

Lighted Saint Patrick’s Day Decorations on Sale at Christmas Utopia

Lighted Saint Patrick's Day Decorations on Sale at Christmas Utopia

Lighted Saint Patrick’s Day Decorations on Sale at Christmas Utopia

Greetings decorating enthusiasts, welcome back to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog. Today we want to show you some wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day decorations on sale. Twenty five percent off regular pricing.

Erin Go Bragh! Our St. Patrick’s Day collection of Lighted decorations is totally green with Irish pride. All our lighted decorations have LED Christmas lights. Use them indoors or outdoors, either way these decorations will demonstrate to others, your recognition of St. Patrick’s Day and all that it stands for.

If you have a retail establishment like a bar, restaurant, pub or a retail shop that regularly serves customers, show them that everyone is green when it comes to this Irish celebration and awesome Saint Patrick’s Day holiday. Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day with any of our lovely Lighted Saint Patrick’s Day decor. We have shamrocks, a pot of gold, a leprechaun and several other Irish decorations that are sure to dress up your place, whether that be a home or business? Christmas Utopia has a comprehensive selection of Saint Patrick’s Day decorations to choose from.

“Top of the morning to you!” Come join Team Santa Inc. for our annual Saint Patrick’s Day sale. We have tremendous off season sale pricing on over 10,000 holiday and Christmas decorations.

Happy decorating!

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc


Outdoor Lighted Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter Decorations For Sale

Outdoor Lighted Saint Patrick's Day and Easter Decorations For Sale

Outdoor Lighted Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter Decorations For Sale

Greetings decorating enthusiasts – We hope 2023 has started off well for all our devoted readers who enjoy outdoor lighted holiday decorations. Now that Valentine’s day is behind us, it’s time to focus on Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter which are the next two holidays to look forward too.

Team Santa Inc. also sells lighted decorations for both Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. Both holidays will be here. closer than you think. Of course St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th every year. We have some terrific Saint Patrick’s Day lighted decorations for both indoors and outdoor use. We also have all types of green Christmas lights for restaurants, taverns, pubs and you own window. Then there is Easter, and this year its coming early on Sunday, April 9th. Team Santa Inc. has Springtime pastel colored Christmas lighting, in an assortment of bulb colors, along with some really cool indoor/outdoor lighted decorations for St. Patrick’s Day, when we are ALL Irish.

Team Santa Inc. also has a wonderfully whimsical selection of Lighted Easter decorations, in addition to also carrying a comprehensive assortment of both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter string lights, which are available in an assortment of colors. We also have different wire colors to choose from; for example, white wire, brown wire, black wire and the most popular green wire. It all depends on the color.of the surface, where you want to use the holiday lights.

Team Santa Inc. also carries outdoor lighted springtime decorations. Very popular are the lighted flower decorations, which fit in well with your own flower bed that you may have in your yard. The lighted flower decorations look absolutely wonderful, when they are secured on a fence or railing on the exterior of the property.

All our lighted holiday decorations are made to be used both indoors or outdoors. This is because, all of the lighted decorations sold on Team Santa Inc. websites use green energy LED lighting. The bulbs never get warm to the touch, making them absolutely ideal for indoor use too. They are ideal for accessorizing the visual impact on indoor displays at retail stores, restaurants, pubs and taverns. Shop Team Santa Inc. websites to decorate for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. So come on by one and experience all of the wonderfully seasonal decorations available for sale in 2023. Until next time, happy decorating!

Kind regards,

Team Santa Inc.


Get the Low Price Guarantee on Christmas Lights and Decorations All Year Round

Low Price Guarantee

Get the Low Price Guarantee on Christmas Lights and Decorations All Year Round

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to another Team Santa Inc. blog post. Today, we are so excited to announce that the Team Santa Inc. Low Price Guarantee V 2.0, will be in effect again in 2022

Let us briefly introduce you to this cost cutting program. Although, the promotion is in its third year, every year it becomes more popular. We anticipate that in 2022 the Low Price Guarantee will save you an astounding amount of money on our entire selection seasonal and holiday decorations.

When you encounter a specific product that you are looking for, we have good news for you. Not only will you be able find the decoration on the Team Santa Inc. websites, but we will guarantee that we beat any competitor price offered on the Internet. Here’s the kicker! Not only can we beat the price, but we’ll beat the competitors price by five dollars.

Wowser! Yes, you heard right. Why don’t I explain how the Low Price Guarantee works. Kindly allow us to provide you with a simple example of how Team Santa Inc. will beat the price from any of our online competitors.


Amazon is selling a Christmas tree or decoration for $149. That same product is offered on Team Santa’s for $169. Once you provide us with the web address of the competitor’s lower price, Team Santa Inc. will review the pricing and reduce the current price to $164, so you save another five dollars off the competitor’s price. You also get FREE GROUND SHIPPING TOO! (offer in the continental USA only).

All you have to do is to send an email to and say that you want us to give you the LOW PRICE GUARANTEE in the subject of the email message. ‎In the body of the email message, kindly include the links or web addresses to both the competitors product, as well as the Team Santa Inc. product. Include the quantity that you want to purchase, plus the state where the order will be delivered. We will not only offer you the lowest price possible, but we also offer you an additional five dollars extra to put in your pocket.

We think that you will agree that a $5 savings off the lowest price found anywhere, is worth a “double take”, because you will not be able to purchase the same decoration anywhere at a lower price, when you use the Team Santa Inc. Low Price Guarantee. Five dollars is still five dollars and can be used to purchase so many other important things. Heck, you can buy for example, two hot dogs for lunch, five 16 ounce bottles of water to keep you hydrated, a pair of socks without a hole by the big toe and even a stocking stuffer to give to a family member or friend as a Christmas gift. It’s silly to give your hard earned money away when you don’t have to. Go ahead and see how much money you can save with our Low Price Guarantee. This promotion is available on all Team Santa’s websites year round, so you can always get the lowest price when shopping with Team Santa Inc.

Until the next time, we will continue to offer you the lowest prices on artificial Christmas trees, decorations and Christmas lightsHave a great day and a great weekend. We’ll see you again soon. Enjoy! 😎

Happy Decorating!
​Team Santa Inc.

Saint Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

The Easter decorating season is finally here and warmer temperatures are sure to follow. The Spring season is such a beautiful time of year. Keep in mind that spring, will not be officially here just yet,  but we’re getting closer with each passing day. A huge favorite this time of year is Saint Patrick’s Day, which is only  two weeks away on March 17, 2022 as of this writing.  We are already seeing shamrock decorations and green string lights adorning homes and businesses around our town. Right now get a 15% coupon code. 

One of the most popular decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day is green string lights. You can use them to liven up your business and to show your patrons that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. They also look great outdoors on your home, etc. Not only do we have green mini lights, but we also have several lighted Saint Patrick’s Day decorations that you can use both indoors and out. Among our selection, we have an adorable lighted leprechaun to add a touch of whimsy to your St. Patrick’s day decoration display. Decorate your home or business this year with lighted decorations made exclusively for St. Patrick’s Day.

Orders placed at this time for Spring decorations are currently shipping in approximately one weeks time. So there is still plenty of time to show off these Irish St. Patrick’s Day decorations.‎ For example, just take a look at this lighted free standing Leprechaun. Is he adorable or what? How about this Pot of Gold lighted decoration? Could you use a pot of gold right about now? There are several other LED lighted decorations for St. Patrick’s day as well. and the Irish Derby Hat  and so much more are among this delightful selection of Saint Patrick’s day decorations that Team Santa Inc. has to offer. Remember, you can never have enough green.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back again shortly to show you more of our selection of brand new lighted Easter decorations.

Happy Decorating!
Team Santa Inc.


Order Your Easter & St Patrick’s Day Outdoor Lighted Decorations Now

Order Your Easter & St Patrick’s Day Outdoor Lighted Decorations Now

Order Your Easter & St Patrick’s Day Outdoor Lighted Decorations Now

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –


Saint Patrick’s Day Lights & Decorations For Home or the Business

Saint Patrick’s Day Lights & Decorations For Home or the Business
Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –
Big party coming up at almost every bar, pub, tavern and saloon in the USA and abroad. Saint Patrick’s Day is coming to town on  March 17, 2019.  Do you need GREEN LIGHTS or party decorations for your home or business?  Team Santa Inc. has it all. High quality LED lighted Saint Patrick’s Day string lights in both LED and incandescent.  Additionally we also have very cool LED lighted Saint Patrick’s Day decorations, for both indoor and outdoor use. The decorations are made right here in the USA and are as sturdy as can be. More BIG NEWS! Brand new 10% discount coupon code clover (no quotes or parenthesis)‎ good through 03/04/19. You can use the coupon code during the checkout process when using our secure shopping cart system. You may also use the 10 percent discount if you order by telephoneinvoice or haggle. Simply tell the representative, that you want the 10% discount coupon code discount called clover(no quotes or parenthesis) and you’ll get it no problem. Now spend only $25 this weekend only and get free ground shipping anywhere inside the continental USA. If you need assistance in any way please call toll free 888-770-7372 or send an email to  and we will respond to your message ASAP. As always, we thank you for your continued support. At Team Santa Inc., we sincerely appreciate all our wonderful customers. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone an early happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Happy Decorating! 😎
Team Santa Inc.


Most orders ship in 24 hours.  Offers only good while supplies last.





Spring Is Only A Few Weeks Away Treat Yourself To An LED Lighted Springtime Decoration


Spring Is Only A Few Weeks Away Treat Yourself To An LED Lighted Springtime Decoration

Welcome back to another edition of the Team Santa Inc. Weekly e-News hot off the presses. ‎Next Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Remember the flowers guys. However, after that, we have smooth sailing all the way to SPRING. Only a mere five weeks after Cupid’s Valentine Celebration, we’ll will begin to warm up and rid our weather system of all this cold weather. Team Santa Inc. is based in New Jersey, so ‎although we do get our share of cold weather, it’s the tropics compared to the northern US states, from Maine to Washington. “Baby it’s cold outside”, and that’s a  reality. Southern US states are cold as well. Not as cold as the north. Team Santa Inc. is getting ready for springtime decorating with wonderfully new LED lighted indoor/outdoor decorations. From Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th, until Easter Sunday on April 21st, these are two excellent reasons to enjoy the holiday with these exciting new LED lighted decorations. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking green beer and eating a corn beef sandwich. So chin up, the “the future is so bright that you have to wear shades”. Join and use coupon code shamrock during the checkout process this week only to save 20% off these darling and whimsical lighted Saint Patrick’s Day and/or Easter decorations. This 20% coupon code will expire automatically on Thursday February 15, 2019. Go ahead and order your springtime LED lighted holiday decorations in time to take advantage of the twenty percent discount coupon code. Spend $75 and get free shipping anywhere inside the continental U.S.A.

Planning a wedding? At the Team Santa Inc. String Lights Store, you save 20% off all wedding string lights. Kindly use coupon code shamrock during the checkout process on String Lights Store and too to save an extra 20% off your order. We have a large selection of both incandescent and LED wedding lights. Well, it’s been real but I must be off. This elf was just accepted to Dental School. 😎

Important Information – Please make sure to add to your list of contacts to make certain that you are getting our WEEKLY E-NEWS delivered to by email once a week right. Click here to add or update an email address of anyone who may want to receive weekly email updates about decorating for the seasons, all year round. Most orders ship in 24 hours or less. Offers only good while supplies last. Until next week….

Warm Regards,
Team Santa Inc.

With Easter 2 Weeks Away Try Decorating Around Your Property With Our Lighted Easter Decorations

With Easter 2 Weeks Away Try Decorating Around Your Property With Our Lighted Easter Decorations

With Easter 2 Weeks Away Try Decorating Around Your Property With Our Lighted Easter Decorations

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Did you know that you can decorate for Easter in a manner consistent with that of Christmas?  What I mean to say is, that you can enjoy decorating your home or business for the Easter season just as you did during the Christmas season. Maybe not decorate as crazy as you did at Christmas, but one or two lighted Easter decorations wouldn’t hurt and we bet you’ll thank us.

Click on the link to see our selection of  lighted Easter decorations.

Our selection of Easter inspired lighted yard art is really nice. Each decoration has premium quality LED string lights already installed.  These high quality decorations are made in America so they are not flimsy like some made overseas. It’s probably a good idea to support made in USA products whenever you can.

Each lighted Easter decoration is made using a quarter inch steel frame, which is painted shiny white and is designed immaculately. The lighting is installed using LED technology. The colors are incredibly vibrant and the bulbs are incredibly bright, but not too bright.

It gets better! The decorations are also 20 PERCENT OFF the price that is listed, so you are saving $$. If that wasn’t enough there is still more. How about FREE ground shipping via FEDEX? 😎  So that’s 20 percent off plus FREE ground shipping via FEDEX. Even the Easter bunny thinks it’s a great deal. We can ship right away so you have it in a few days.

When your neighbors see these lighted Easter decorations, they will thank you too. Everyone in your neighborhood will benefit because you will be making a positive impact on the neighborhood by making it nicer looking in the evening.

You can decorate on the inside of your property or on the outside. Put an Easter decoration in your window and let it shine for all to see. Each decoration will also look fabulous on a railing, deck, terrace, garage, in the yard, on the house, or inside a home or business. I am sure there are at least another 100 ways you can use the Easter decorations that I did not even mention.

Click on the link to see our selection of  lighted Easter decorations.

Please give these lighted Easter decorations some serious consideration. There is a real good chance that you will be glad that you did.  😎

Until next time..

Happy Decorating,

-Team Santa Inc.

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