Cafe String Lights Are Being Sold At The String Lights Store

Cafe String Lights Are Being Sold At The String Lights Store

Cafe String Lights Are Being Sold At The String Lights Store

Cafe String Lights are the newest lighting trend for restaurateurs, pub owners, bistro owners, etc.

Today we are featuring LED S14 Cafe String Lights.  S14 is the type of bulb that you see at outdoor celebrations and/or events like festivals, weddings, graduations, etc.  The LED lights that we are showing you today, is a high tech variation from the traditional incandescent S14 string light bulbs.

Important! If you already have an S14 light string and you just need bulbs, you can use either LED or the incandescent variety. Both bulbs types, although different technology have the same socket size and both will work on the same string.

Prior experience with LED string lights has taught us that LED bulbs demonstrate way more energy efficiency and are much brighter and more colorful. Your electric bill will be lower too. has a selection of different S14 cafe string light bulbs available for all different types of professional quality string lighting projects. The light strings are built for indoor or outdoor operation. Other examples of LED S14 in use would be a carnival or perhaps the local church fair.  You may see them in the used car lots too. They are usually strung about twenty feet in the air and provide wonderful overhead lighting. The S14 can be used in tents, congregation halls, restaurants, cafes, pubs and plenty more places too.

Another benefit of using an LED bulb, over an incandescent bulb is that the LED bulb never gets hot, EVER! When comparing LED to their incandescent counterpart, LED bulbs ALWAYS stay cool to the touch. This way you can use them inside as well as outside with absolutely no safety concerns whatsoever.

You can save $$ on these cafe string lights, just use coupon code “socialmedialsale20” (no quotes, lowercase letters) and save 20% off your order total plus FREE ground shipping via FEDEX.

We look forward to seeing you again in a few days. Thank you for your support.

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