Lighted American Flag With Stars and Stripes To Light Up The Night 

Flag Day is June 14th Get Yourself a Lighted Flag Decoration 
Lighted American Flag With Stars and Stripes To Light Up The Night

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to our continuing series of blog posts designed to keep you up to date regarding Team Santa Inc. and our holiday theme e-commerce web sites.  Today’s topic features a popular Spring/Summer decoration which is UBER patriotic and that is our lighted American flag.

The flag decoration is Illuminated by high quality LED string lights. If one bulb goes out the rest remain lit. This decoration featured “Old Glory” showing off it’s colors at night.

The lighted American flag uses mini LED string lights, which are super bright and very colorful. The colors of the light strings are “rich” and “vibrant”. No longer do we take an incandescent Christmas lights and paint it’s glass the color of the bulb. With LED string lighting, the LED or (light emitting diode), produces the different colors that illuminate the bulbs. This feature demonstrates a gigantic difference between the “old fashioned” string light bulbs and the current standard of mini LED  light bulbs. There is absolutely no comparison.

LED lights hardly use any electricity at all. Those who decorate with LED string lights, usually see no change on their energy bill as a result of these special decorations, which are made in the USA.

Memorial Day is only 6 weeks away. Then Independence day on July 4th. You can keep your lighted USA flag up all Summer long. In fact, why not show your patriotism year round and leave the decoration up. The bulbs are rated for many thousand hours, so you can even enjoy this decoration year round if you choose to do so. Should a bulb or two eventually go dark, you will be pleased to know that we also have replacement light strings for all our lighted patriotic decorations.

Use your lighted USA flag at your home or business. Since it has a flat back, you can hang it wherever you like. Because they are LED bulbs, you can also use the decoration indoors as the bulbs do not get got to the touch. So the string lights on this decoration can be hung in your business as well.  Team Santa Inc. is proud to announce that the lighted American flag is only one of the many different patriotic decorations that we have to offer. With so much turmoil in eastern Europe, you can still remain confident that the USA is the place to be. Therefore, why not demonstrate your allegiance to our homeland, with the lighted American flag, or one of these other nifty lighted USA theme decorations.

We are winding down our Easter decorations sale which will end on Sunday. If there are any string lights or decorations you would like to purchase, there are only a few more days to save.

Until we meet again, bookmark this website to stay up to date on everything that has to do with events related to holiday decorating.

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