Is A Lighted Christmas Tree on Your List This Holiday Season?


Is A Lighted Christmas Tree on
Your List This Holiday Season?


Do your plans this holiday season include purchasing a new artificial Christmas tree? ‎ If so, Team Santa Inc. has something IMPORTANT to share with you. we have the absolute highest quality,  most realistic looking, artificial Christmas trees at the lowest prices found anywhere. If that’s not enough, Team Santa Inc. will not be under sold. If you see a tree on both and a competitor web site, Team Santa Inc. will absolutely beat the price. It’s that simple! Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Michael’s Inc.,  it doesn’t matter what store it is. No store will under sell Team Santa Inc. this holiday season.


When you shop a Team Santa Inc. web store, not only do you get a low price guarantee, but we offer the finest customer service found anywhere, online and off. Sam Bartolo, General Manager and his team have as much holiday decorating experience as anyone. He also has the patience of a Saint. No kidding around. If you have a question about your holiday decorations display, go ask Sam. He doesn’t care whether you buy something or not. He just loves to help all our wonderful website(s) users.  “How many lights do I need for a 7 foot tree”? Sam knows the answer. “How many sets of icicle lights do I need for the front of my house”? Sam knows the answer to that one too. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge related to holiday decorating. Anything you want to know, just ask Sam @ Team Santa Inc.


Team Santa Inc. has the largest selection of both lighted and unlit artificial Christmas trees sold ANYWHERE. Our lighted trees have super high quality LED mini lights pre-installed on the tree.  Our selection has over 1500 artificial Christmas trees to choose from, so there is no shortage of selection. Come one, Come all, the current 10% off coupon code is “turkey”(no quotes or parenthesis) + FREE shipping on all trees 5 foot trees and over, that are delivered inside the continental US. The deals are just too good to pass up.


EXTRA, EXTRAREAD ALL ABOUT IT!  Did you hear about the current Lanternflies problem on television, Internet or the newspaper?  YUCK!  Live Christmas tree farms in six states have already been affected by Lanternflies thus far. Is bringing a live Christmas tree into your clean home, worth possibly infesting your family with Lanternflies? Just imagine when waking up Christmas morning to learn that you are sharing your pillow with Larry the Lanternfly? ‎It’s serious, so please read about it on our blog or check the news.


Most all of our high quality artificial Christmas trees include a 10 year warranty on the tree and 5 years on the lights. Team Santa Inc. stands behind all products we sell.  Come see what we’re talking about. Then you might want to tell a friend. Until next time.


Happy Decorating!


Team Santa Inc.


PS – Decorating contest with SIX CASH prizes. First prize $1000 CASH. $2500 total CASH prizes. Details in next week’s direct email message.