Your Holiday Fund Raising Opportunity Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Your Holiday Fund Raising Opportunity Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Your Holiday Fund Raising Opportunity Is Only A Few Clicks Away


Good day to all of the fine decorating enthusiasts out there. Today, we want to inform you of a wonderful fund raising idea to raise money for your organization.

So many people just love to decorate for the holidays. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to decorate for it.  It’s for this reason, that Christmas lights, ornaments and Christmas decorations, make terrific tools to raise money for your charity or foundation.  Small Christmas trees that are already decorated are a great way to raise funds for your charity.

Mostly everyone has Christmas lights, ornaments and/or Christmas decorations that they don’t use anymore. Maybe they are old or they just don’t match your theme or decor anymore. Take those Christmas ornaments, lights and Christmas decorations and start selling small table top size artificial Christmas trees, that are already decorated and can be put up very easily. The larger the tree or the Christmas tree or one that is better decorated, will fetch more money for your charity.

You would be surprised how many people put up more than one Christmas tree. Some people put a tree in every room in the house. That’s just another reason why small artificial Christmas trees are so practical around the holidays, especially if they are decorated.  You can glue the Christmas lights, ornaments and Christmas decorations on the small artificial Christmas tree, by using just a touch of hot glue. This makes it easy to remove the Christmas lights and ornaments, just in case you would like to replace the ornaments for whatever reason. This is what makes small artificial Christmas trees so practical, while also making it a great fund raising idea.

Team Santa Inc. sells table top trees up to 4.5 feet tall. All small Christmas trees come completely assembled and include their own high quality Christmas tree stand.  Team Santa Inc. sells both pre-lit and unlit artificial Christmas trees. Most of our trees are sold in half sizes for your convenience and may already include different colored Christmas lights. Team Santa Inc. also has table top Christmas trees in a myriad of different colors, such as pink, purple, teal, white and several other colors as well.

Most people take holiday decorating very seriously. That’s why our magnificent selection of table top artificial Christmas trees make such a good fund-raising idea, for any group looking to raise money.  This year, let Team Santa Inc. help your group raise money at your fund raiser. We can fill orders of all sizes. However, if you find yourself needing a lot of artificial Christmas trees, then it’s a good idea to start early, while our inventory is still at a high point. This way you can order the size and the color of table Christmas tree that is best for your fund-raising effort. As always, thank you so much for your support.

Until next time, happy decorating!

Best Regards,

Team Santa Inc.