Lighted ‎Raccoon Outdoor Lawn Decoration Keeps Unwanted Critters Away From Your Property

Lighted ‎Raccoon Outdoor Lawn Decoration Keeps Unwanted Critters Away From Your Property

Lighted ‎Raccoon Outdoor Lawn Decoration Keeps Unwanted Critters Away From Your Property

Hello decorating enthusiasts. Thank you for taking the time to visit the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog. Today we have an adorable lighted animal decoration, that you can install at your home or business. His name is Rocky Raccoon and he is a lighted raccoon decoration. Rocky wants to stand by and protect your property from the unwanted intruders of the evening.

While Rocky is not specifically a Christmas decoration, he still will easily fit in your holiday decorations display. You may want to keep deer from chewing up your garden. You might want to keep away those critters, who may traverse your property in the evening? You will be happy to learn that the lighted Raccoon decoration will have those critters and any other animals, away from your home and/or garden. Install the lighted decoration anywhere you want some extra evening protection. If you have a flower or vegetable garden, all you need to do is let Rocky the Raccoon guard your garden at night, to ease your fears of having anything happen to the garden that you worked very hard to create.

Rocky The Raccoon lighted decoration does not need assembly. Just open the box, take out the decoration and plug it in. Rocky has ground stakes already included, so all you have to do is stick Rocky in the ground, on your lawn, in the dirt, etc. If that’s not enough, Rocky the Raccoon decoration is made on a metal frame with commercial quality LED Christmas lights pre-installed. Each bulb is snugly clipped to the metal frame with special miniature light clips, which are also available separately. The lighted Rocky Raccoon decoration is not small. Rocky is 31 Inches x 41 Inches, making the lighted decoration a formidable opponent of any creature that may visit your property in the evening. Rocky Raccoon is a awesome repellent against those creatures of the night. This cute lighted animal decoration is only one of lighted animal decorations that Team Santa Inc. sells.

We have a deep collection of different lighted animal decorations, for all the animal enthusiasts out there. Our lighted animal decoration category is very popular, especially this time of year. We have all types of lighted animal decorations to choose from, so if you are a fan of our four legged friends, you’ll want to see all of the lighted animal decorations that we have to offer. These lighted animal decorations are all made in America in the good old USA. This is important, because the quality of these decorations is absolutely unsurpassed. We guarantee that you will be pleased with any of the lighted animal decorations that we sell.  Summer is only a week away. Now is the time to make sure your property is up to spec. Our lighted animal decorations, will embellish any home or business, no matter how you use it.

That’s all we have for you today. It’s time to hit the beach.

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