Deal Number 002 Smokin’ Hot Drastic Savings Going on

Deal Number 002 Smokin’ Hot Drastic Savings Going on

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to another blog update to inform you that DEAL 02 has commenced. This deal is steaming HOT! 100 light incandescent mini Christmas lights are available in the colors clear and pink. Pink is awesome for Valentine’s Day decor for your home or business. The clear bulbs are practical and can be used for a lot of purposes aside from being good Christmas tree lights. Both strings are only $7.99 each. Email Team Santa Inc. and use our completely secure ordering process. Order $75 worth of product and get FREE shipping.

Right now aside from our DEALS we are having a Social Media Sale Event 2.0 where you use a coupon to save 20 percent off the listed price. The savings are absolutely stellar. 😎

Until the next time,

Happy Decorating!

-Team Santa Inc.

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