Deal Number 001 Up to 60% Off Regular Price

Deal Number 001 Up to 60% Off Regular Price

Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

OK everyone, here is our first OFFICIAL DEAL. Deal 01 includes high quality party string lights. The party lights are ideal for your outdoor leisure time activity and to light up events such as weddings and graduations and more. Use them to add light to your deck or stairs. Safety first.  The high quality string lights provide a lot of light for not a lot of $$.

Also outstanding for use in a restaurant, pub or bistro. We plan on posting pictures so you can see how the string lights are used during the Spring and Summer seasons. These 10 light strings are perfect for outdoor decks and framing.

Supplies are limited so now is the time to buy them if you want them. We will bring you deal number 02 shortly after DEAL 01 is online. So make sure you check back often to see ALL the deals that we are making available to you.

To order DEAL 01 simply send an email to and include the deal # and your shipping information. Team Santa Inc. will send you an online invoice by email that can be paid with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account if you have one. If you would like to order over the phone then call toll free 888-770-7372 and speak to a representative. Coupon codes cannot be used with our new “DEALS” program.

Happy Decorating!

-Team Santa Inc.

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