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Greetings Decorating Enthusiasts –

Welcome back to another blog post designed to keep you up to date on everything that has to do with Team Santa Inc. and holiday decorating.

Attention please, DEAL 01 has been published. We think it’s a pretty good deal on two very nice sets of LED 10 party string lights that are ideal for use indoors or outdoors in the upcoming spring and summer months.

The lens type on both these party string lights is absolutely perfect for lighting up the outdoors around your home and/or yard. They are also ideal for use in a business or at a event. During the spring and summer months when you hang outside, you need some soft lighting. Nothing is better than LED for bright lights while maintaining a small energy bill.

Try hanging the classic E17 string lights above your deck where you usually hang out. It will absolutely provide ample lighting without blowing unnecessary cash on household electricity. The two sets of string lights in our introductory DEAL 01 are LED so by using them you can expect to use up to 90 percent less energy plus get 60 percent brighter light. These two factors will absolutely translate into more $$ to spend on other things like holiday decorations. 😎

Option 2 the E12 crackle string lights can also be used by hanging them over your deck. Use them along your railing to provide accent lighting or on a banister of a set of stairs to make it safer to traverse during the evening hours when the sun is down.

Some of us are planning weddings, graduations and other events in the upcoming months. Party string lights are incredibly ideal for these spring and summertime celebratory events.

OK, here’s something that’s really important. We are about to let loose DEAL 02, so please BOOKMARK this website now before you go any further. DEAL 02 will appear before you know it. You are not going to want to miss it.

Until the next time, keep on decorating.

Happy Decorating!

-Team Santa Inc.

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