Lighted Turkey Decoration Last Call For Before Thanksgiving 

Last Call For Our Outdoor Lighted Turkey Decorations For The Outside of Your Home or Business

Lighted Turkey Decoration Last Call For Before Thanksgiving

Good day to all. I would like to shout out to all our loyal readers out there, that it’s last call for our outdoor lighted Turkey decorations for the outside of your home or business. Orders placed this weekend will be delivered next week, which is the week before Thanksgiving. The lighted turkey decorations in our collection are constructed on a steel metal frame, with mini LED Christmas lights that frame out the details of the lighted turkey decoration. We have the neatest turkey available anywhere. Plus, nobody is going to give you a better price than Team Santa Inc.  Using the premium quality LED Christmas lights, each lighted turkey decoration is super bright and its colors emit a vibrant and realistic array of color. This decoration is really something to consider if you have and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Thank you! It’s finally Friday and you know what that means, the weekend is imminent which means that some of you will get to sleep late for the next two days. Don’t forget the football and basketball on television for those arm chair players, coaches, fans, etc. If your state legalized gambling, you must check out some of the new sports books which are available for download.  I’m here to talk about Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, along with artificial Christmas trees too. We are also very proud of our selection of different Thanksgiving decorations. It’s the biggest selection we ever had.

We want you to enjoy your lighted turkey decorations and we think you will. We have about four or five really cool lighted turkeys at this time. This is the last weekend for turkey orders before Thanksgiving, unless you use the expedited shipping option.  Team Santa Inc. hopes that you are enjoying the Fall months and you are staying safe.  Until the next time we check in once again, it is “happy decorating” to you and yours!

Warm. Regards,

Team Santa Inc.


Lighted ‎Pilgrims and Indians Recreate The First Thanksgiving Dinner

Lighted ‎Pilgrims and Indians Recreate The First Thanksgiving Dinner

Lighted ‎Pilgrims and Indians Recreate The First Thanksgiving Dinner

Greetings fellow decorating enthusiasts! Welcome back to another post on the Official Team Santa Inc. Blog.

Today, we would like to show you our very popular Thanksgiving decorations category. We have over 50 different Harvest Time decorations. We have these delightful adult and children, dressed in Christmas lights in what some may call lighted replicas of both the Pilgrim and Indian (Native American) people, in celebration of the first Thanksgiving dinner at Plymouth Rock. You will not find these adorable lighted Thanksgiving decorations at a lower price anywhere else.

Christmas Utopia has by far the largest catalog and lowest prices of lighted holiday and Christmas decorations. Our selection includes 4 different lighted turkey decorations. One of these colorful birds is absolutely perfect for your windows and is equipped with its own suction cup and 6 foot lead cord, so that you can hang the lighted decoration from the pane of the window.

These decorations are really cool and make an outstanding pre-cursor to your Christmas decorations. Don’t even bother taking the lighted Thanksgiving decorations down after turkey day, because these lighted Thanksgiving decorations will go along great with your Christmas lights and other holiday decorations. Use these decorations with LED Christmas lights in the background for a sparkling, myriad of illuminated colors. Right now, the October Savings Event is still in progress. Everything is 20 percent off. Orders that are $75 or more get FREE ground shipping, inside the continental USA. Stop bye and say hello.

Until the next time, happy decorating!


Team Santa Inc.

Thanksgiving Is Next Month Gobble, Gobble Up These Lighted Turkey Decorations

Gobble, Gobble, Lighted Outdoor Turkey Decoration‎s Will Show Your Guests Where Thanksgiving Dinner Is This Year

Thanksgiving Is Next Month Gobble, Gobble Up These Lighted Turkey Decorations

Gobble, Gobble, Lighted Outdoor Turkey Decorations Will Show Your Guests Where Thanksgiving Dinner Is This Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce our exclusive new lighted turkey decorations. Four different styles to choose from, for your window, door, railing, garage, stairs, landscape, etc. This turkey decoration is one cool bird and just part of our selection of Thanksgiving decorations. 

This lighted Thanksgiving turkey decoration will light up the front of your home or business. The decoration is the perfect pre-cursor to your Christmas decorations. Heck, why bother even taking the Turkey decoration down after Thanksgiving. Just leave the turkey decoration up and just add your Christmas lights and decorations to have a very merry holiday decorations display for all to enjoy.

We have four turkey decorations to choose from. They’re all lighted and each turkey decoration is a different size. Put a Turkey window decoration is all of your windows, thus making the neighborhood hungry for more. Our three larger lighted turkey decorations all include lawn stakes. Simply take the decoration out of the box, stick it in the ground and plug it in. You too will see why everyone is clucking about these exclusive new Thanksgiving decorations.

Be sure to bookmark the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog. We are trying to show you as many new decorations as possible, but there are so many to choose from, that it might be impossible to show them all. Nevertheless, you can count on Team Santa Inc. to continue to bring you the finest high quality, lighted outdoor decorations at the lowest prices found anywhere.

We hope to be back tomorrow to start showing you some of our stellar new artificial Christmas trees, lights and/or decorations.

So, until the next time we meet, Happy decorating!

Warm Wishes,

Team Santa Inc.

Eerie Looking, Animated Witch with Broom Halloween Decoration

Animated Witch with Broom LED Lighted Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Eerie Looking, Animated Witch with Broom Halloween Decoration ‎

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another article written exclusively on the Team Santa Inc. Official Blog.‎ ‎

Today’s gem is a hilarious, Animated, Upside Down Witch With Broom Stick. Apparently this lighted witch is in a bit of a bind. It looks as though the witch is stuck in a chimney, from one of her broom stick rides. Watch hilariously as her feet dangle while her head is stuck in, well, whatever you like. Outstanding rooftop lighted Halloween decoration. Also ideal to fit perfectly within an existing Halloween decorations display. Whether you hang it or use it as a lawn decoration. It just looks adorable. Lawn stakes included.

The trick or treaters will surely enjoy this lighted Halloween Witch decoration and so will the neighborhood. It’s guarantee to be a smash hit. It’s even made in the USA. Now is the time to place your order as the decoration is in stock and available for immediate delivery. You also get free shipping and pay zero sales tax.

Right now, we are having an October Savings Event. Everything on the website is 20 percent off. Now is an excellent time to order your Halloween decorations. We plan to come back very soon with another great Halloween decoration to show you. We even have lighted Thanksgiving decorations this year, that we think are absolutely delightful! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Now is also an excellent time to get ahead of the masses and order your Christmas lights and decorations, so they get to you on time. High stock levels, means awesome selection of Halloween decorations. ‎ Our October Savings Event is going on all month long so if you have the time and the dime, you will surely save some money.

Until the next time we meet,

Happy Decorating! ‎

Team Santa Inc. ‎

Outdoor Lighted Halloween Decorations on Sale Now at Christmas Utopia

Outdoor Lighted Halloween Decorations on Sale Now at Christmas Utopia

Outdoor Lighted Halloween Decorations on Sale Now at Christmas Utopia

Greetings decorating enthusiasts!

Welcome back to another edition of the Official Team Santa Inc. Blog.  It’s time to save some money on lighted Halloween lights and decorations at Christmas Utopia.

Right now, SAVE 20 PERCENT OFF the list price on all the Halloween decorations that we sell.   We have Halloween lights too. LED string lights in tons of  cool colors for decorating for Halloween. The most popular Halloween colors include green, orange, purple and red. We carry premium quality LED Christmas lights in all the colors for your holiday decorations display. We also carry a myriad of other colors too. Regardless of which holiday you are celebrating, you can always get high quality string lights at Christmas Utopia.

It’s time to start decorating for Halloween. Christmas Utopia carries the finest outdoor Halloween decorations so you can decorate your lair in scare.  What! You don’t decorate for Halloween? That’s no problem because now is the time to begin thinking about your display for upcoming holiday decorating season. We have Halloween, Harvest, Thanksgiving and Christmas, decorations.  We have tons of inventory for sale.  If you want to buy new Christmas lights and Halloween decorations, visit us at Christmas Utopia.

Come on by and check out all the different seasonal decorations we have this year. The selection of products is utterly tremendous. Grab yourself something to drink, get comfy, then spend some time on the Team Santa Inc. website(s) and take it all in. If you need assistance, please contact [email protected] at any time and a representative will respond to your message, seven days a week.

Until next time, have a great week and as always, “happy decorating”,

Warm Regards,

Team Santa Inc.

Lighted Life Size Scarecrow Decoration is Adorable for Both Thanksgiving and the Harvest Season

Lighted Life Size Scarecrow Decoration is Adorable for Both Thanksgiving and the Harvest Season

Lighted Life Size Scarecrow Decoration is Adorable for Both Thanksgiving and the Harvest Season

Greetings decorating enthusiasts!  Welcome back to another edition of the Official Team Santa Inc. Blog.

Today’s introduction is perfect for your upcoming harvest decorations display. Whether you are celebrating the entire harvest season or you are looking for something unique to add to your selection of Halloween decorations, this scarecrow decoration is sure to please the most fanatical decorating enthusiasts.  Put it up in October,  which is now and leave it out all the way through Thanksgiving. If you are going to follow up with your Christmas decorations, then we suggest that you just leave the harvest decorations up as it will blend in nicely with your Christmas decorations.

Standing at a life size six feet tall, this delightful harvest decoration will attract the eyeballs of passersby, while they enjoy the spirit and passion that goes into your display. The lighted scarecrow decoration is only one of the items included in our Thanksgiving decorations series.  We have several more delightful items to choose from. With your Scarecrow standing at an impressive 6 feet tall, those who catch a glimpse of this harvest decoration, will be enamored by it’s rich, illuminated, vibrant colors. Add the lighted turkey decorations, some lighted pumpkins and both the lighted pilgrim decorations and/or lighted Native American decorations, to help celebrate the fall season.

Before you decide to take your harvest decorations down, think about leaving up the Fall décor and simply add your favorite Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Put the lighted harvest decorations on one side of the display and then simply grow the display by adding your lighted Christmas decorations. Spectators will truly gaze at your display as it tells the story about the very first Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We have several lighted nativities for your Christmas display.  You may want to add one and use it at the very beginning of your Christmas decorations display.  Anyway you want to set it up is the right way. Individualism along with personal creativity make each and every display a unique, one of a kind achievement.‎ There is no one size fits all. Your display is simply an extension of your ingenuity.

Until the next article is posted, happy decorating to you and yours.

Kindest Regards,

Team Santa Inc.