HaggleFest 2017


Welcome to this year's hagglefest presented to you by Team Santa Inc. Pencils are sharp and Team Santa Inc. is ready to haggle. Team Santa inc. is anxious to make a deal on the incredible selection of Christmas lights, holiday decorations and premium quality pre-lighted LED artificial Christmas trees. Over 11,000 products in the product database. You have alot to choose from.  Hagglefest is happening on all Team Santa Inc. websites that are listed below. Reach out to Team Santa Inc. and make a deal because Hagglefest won't be here forever.  If you think about it, the hoilday season is only a few weeks away.  Now is the time to buy if you want to save money on Christmas lights and holiday decorations.  This is a chance to avoid the rush! 

During Hagglefest, Team Santa Inc. is most inclined to make a deal on the products on their websites. What does this mean?  It means Team Santa Inc. might not pass up an offer you may have made last month, so go ahead and send a Haggle request (bid) again if you like.

The way to submit a bid to haggle over a product sold on any of the Team Santa Inc. websites listed below,  simply send an email to support@teamsanta.com and follow the instructions listed on the haggle page of any of the websites. Once you make an offer you can count on a representative from Team Santa Inc. to get back to you shortly.

Team Santa Inc. has been haggling with their customers for over 10 years.  Team Santa Inc. does not limit the capacity of an online shopping experience to a simple website shopping cart. Team Santa Inc. uses online services like Paypal in an effort to provide a pro forma invoice by email that can be paid securely by credit/debit card or a Paypal account if you have one. These measures have made the payment process easy. You can see Hagglefest in action now at the following Team Santa Inc. online stores -  


Huge selection of Christmas lights, trees and lighted holiday decorations 


Online store dedicated specifically to string lights. 

www.ChristmasDecorationsETC.com ‎

Online store dedicated specifically to all types of lighted decorations. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic etc. 

Make the deals happen during this popular sale event. Team Santa Inc.'s staff has sharpened a thousand pencils in anticipation of this annual sale event.‎  To take advantage of this awesome opportunity contact Team Santa Inc by email and receive a speedy response during normal business hours (10am-6pm EST 7 days a week).  

Haggling is the perfect way to find out for yourself why Team Santa Inc. is so proud of their customer service staff. While their testimonials page may be comprehensive in itself, Team Santa Inc. looks forward to haggling with YOU during this money saving event. 

Hagglefest has already commenced and will continue until September 21, 2017. Offers only good while supplies last.‎ Team Santa Inc. reserves the right to update their websites at anytime and/or without notice. 

Keep on Haggling

 Thank you for your interest regarding Haggling with Team Santa Inc. Remember to please always send your haggle offers to  support@teamsanta.com.    As we approach the holiday season, Team Santa Inc. is sharpening our pencils in anticipation of offering you some excellent deals.  If this is your first time on a Team Santa Inc. website, then you might want to continue to read this page. We offer you information on the topic of haggling.  While surfing our site, if you see something that you want to buy, don't be afraid to speak up and present your offer to Team Santa Inc.    Haggling On Team Santa Inc. Websites  Regardless of where you live in the world, everybody knows that times continue to be challenging related to the economy. Money is tight for a considerable amount of people and things do not look like they are getting better any time soon. Nevertheless, life must go on and goods and services must continue to exchange if our society is going to sustain for the long term.   Team Santa Inc. who is an Internet company, thought why not offer a "Haggling Page" where potential customers can go to make offers on things we sell.  As a result, we have created this haggle area on our website and we encourage you to negotiate your order any time you like. We are looking to make it easier on shoppers by offering you this new service.    Below is more information related to Haggling for those of you who are not familiar with the topic. We hope you enjoy this area on our website and find it to be an entertaining deviation from the norm. 8-)   Haggling, Deal Making, Negotiating, Horse Trading, Talking Turkey, Bargaining, etc.  The term haggle dates back hundreds of years and is a synonym for the word "trading". Many people have learned to enjoy the opportunity to wheel and deal in an effort to save money during challenging economic times.  It's human nature and can be alot of fun too. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to expect that during a challenging economy like we are encountering,  the process of haggling would further gain in popularity.  We Want To Make A Deal With You! So, What's Next?  If you see a product on our website that you want to buy, simply make an offer that is lower than the published price on the web page. Please send that offer to support@teamsanta.com in the following format: Email Subject:  Christmastopia.com Haggle Email Body:

  • Item Number
  • Product Name
  • Haggle Price
  • Quantity Requested
  • City, State for Product Delivery
  • Date needed - ASAP

A Team Santa Inc. representative will review your request and contact you shortly thereafter to let you know what kind of deal we can make. Sometimes products are already priced so low that they are not eligible to be discounted any further. When that happens, we will tell you right away that we cannot go any lower on the selling price.   Make a Deal By Simply Sending Email To Team Santa Inc.  We invite you to Haggle with Team Santa Inc. Please also tell your family and friends about this program too. There are so many people out there who like to haggle. Together, we can spread massive savings all over the world.  Before you buy something at any other website, please determine if the website is willing to haggle with you over the selling price of the product. This may help you to determine how serious that website is about doing business with you. Please always remember that in order for a deal to be a good deal it has to be a good deal for all of the parties involved. One-sided deals are not good deals.  Only when all of the parties agree to the deal and are satisfied with the deal, can it truly be called a "good deal".  

Happy Haggling,   

-Team Santa Inc.  

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