Backyard Staycation Fabulous Summer String Lights And Hot Decorations

June Backyard Staycation|Fabulous Summer String Lights And Hot Decorations All On Sale

Backyard Staycation Fabulous Summer String Lights And Hot Decorations

Good Day to all the decorating enthusiasts out there to another blog post brought to you by Team Santa Inc. ‎Today is totally FAB. We have an announcement of a special event going on now called, “June Backyard Staycation”. This promotion is absolutely delightful. Budget minded consumers will want to take advantage of the promotion going on now. Get a 15 percent discount and free shipping on mostly everything online. That adds up to significant savings if you plan to fork over plenty of money for your holiday display this year. These are big savings on decorations that were not available last season for so many people, because of the amount of orders that couldn’t be filled. Don’t let that happen to you in 2022, Instead, join us for a terrific sales event going on now on three Team Santa Inc. Websites: stringlightsstore,  christmastopia, christmasdecorationsetc. 

This is one holiday sale you don’t want to miss. Hundreds of new 2022 Christmas decorations added and at the same time they are discounted, so that we can give you the lowest price possible. Get on board and starting thinking about your holiday display at home or at your place of business.  Ideal selection for those users who build Christmas light parks that people can drive their cars through and have a wonderful experience. Some light displays allow you walk through the path of Christmas lights too. That’s an absolutely fascinating experience. Check back for more information regarding light parks.  All Team Santa Inc. updates, will be posted to most of the social media outlets for each website above.

Take a “Staycation” this summer and click on over to one of our websites to take advantage of the current savings that is being offered by Team Santa Inc. It won’t cost you anything to see the superior selection of Christmas lights and decorations.  Visit one of the websites above and see for yourself, the most enormous selection of summertime string lights and all types of cool decorations.There is so much to look at, that if your really serious about your lighted display, take a peek at some of the Christmas lights and Christmas decorations that we have to offer.

Until next time, “happy decorating!”

Kind Regards,

Team Santa Inc

Springtime Savings Event Going on in April and May 2022

Springtime Savings Event Going on In April and May 2022

Springtime Savings Event Going on In April and May 2022

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen –

Welcome back to another article on the Team Santa Inc. Holiday-Seasonal Blog. On our blog, we like to feature HOT items or NEW products that are among our product selection for the upcoming holiday decorating season.

Today, we would like to announce our most recent promotion, the “Springtime Savings Event“, which is going on now. Everything on all Team Santa Inc. Web sites are discounted at 15 percent off the retail price. Everything we sell is on sale!

Now is the perfect time to order your holiday decorations for Spring and Summer. We also have a delightful selection of patriotic decorations that are designed to really impress. We have over 15 different lighted patriotic decorations for you to choose from, all adorning the red, white and blue in LED patriotic mini lights. All of these decorations come with LED string lights pre-installed on the decoration and each product can either be hung on a flat surface or stuck in the ground. This option is available on almost all of our outdoor decorations.

Team Santa Inc. has always been a leader in the string lighting category, boasting hundreds of different styles of string lights, or perhaps you may call them Christmas lights or Fairy lights. Whatever you may call them, one thing is for sure, that they are all LED operated, super bright and amazingly colorful. We also have white string lights that are available in 3 shades of white. There is cool white, warm white and pure white. All models show off outstanding brilliance and would also make the perfect wedding lights to adorn your nuptials.

In addition to Christmas, Team Santa Inc. has a wonderful selection of Spring and Summer decorations that look great during the warm weather seasons, for example this adorable lighted flower decoration. You have to check out these products for yourself, because we promise that they are so unique, that your neighbors will want to know where you purchased these decorations. They are extremely neat, very cool and razor sharp and you are going to love them!

We are continuing to produce orders for the Spring and Summer seasons. Now is the time to place your order for fourth quarter delivery. That means if you are looking for Christmas decorations, now is the time to place your order, before the waiting list gets too long and we are unable to deliver in 2022. Have peace of mind and order early. Last year, we stopped taking orders for Christmas decorations on December 08, 2022. We plan to ramp up our production for Halloween and Christmas decorations, in the coming months.

Team Santa Inc. wishes you and your family a fabulous Spring and Summer 2022. We have great products for you, that are definitely worth a looksie.

Until next time –

Happy Decorating,

Team Santa Inc.

Lighted Easter Egg Patch Makes A Delightful Decoration

Lighted Easter Eggs Patch Makes A Delightful Decoration

Are you looking for that perfect Spring decoration, that you can display at your home or business, now through Easter? Well, you have come to the right place. We have so many Easter decorations to show off this year. Our selection is filled with decorations.

Our Easter selection of products are mostly lighted and many of them make a perfect focal point for your Springtime holiday display. The decoration can also be used among your other Easter decorations, or as an accent in your display.

Our website has all types of Easter decorations and Easter string lights. However, this patch of lighted Easter eggs is absolutely one of the best Easter decorations we have to offer. The eggs are bright, colorful and cheerful. They are guaranteed to make your Easter season display come alive, whether you use it indoors or out.

Hop on over to the current Easter sale going on at our website(s) at this time. We have the neatest Easter lights and Spring decorations which are a sure fire way to chase away those Winter blues, because our selection of lighted Easter decorations, will have you thinking of Spring time in no time. Until the next time, keep on decorating and make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t miss your house.

Kind Regards,
Team Santa Inc.

Lighted Cross with Drape And Lots of Other Easter Decorations

Lighted Cross with Drape And Lots of Other Easter Decorations

Welcome back decorating enthusiasts to another new story published on our Team Santa Inc. blog.

As we are in the Easter season, it’s only appropriate for Team Santa Inc. to share with you, our selection of lighted Easter decorations.

One of the most popular Easter decorations among our selection is the lighted Cross with purple drape. You may purchase the drape lit in any color that you like, but we have found the purple drape to be one of the most complimenting colors for this Easter Decoration.

Good for both indoor and outdoor use, the cross is beautiful for any Easter or other religious display. It looks outstanding hanging in or outside a church. When hanging it outside, you can be sure that your congregates will know for sure, where Easter Mass is being held.

Measuring 58 inch x 30 inch, the lighted cross creates a wonderful visual impact wherever you may hang it. You can also stick it in the ground if you prefer to stand it up as opposed to hanging it wherever you like. It’s truly a multi-purpose decoration and can also be used for other holidays, especially Christmas. It’s versatile and again can be used in so many different ways, leaving it entirely up to your imagination.

Please do a bunny hop over and take a look at the lighted cross with purple drape. We’re sure that you will agree, that it’s an uplifting decoration that you will be proud to use in your holiday display. Orders for Easter decorations are shipping at this time. If you would like to purchase one, please do so now to avoid the frustration of being disappointed because the decoration may sell out.

Please stay safe and enjoy your weekend. Team Santa Inc. will see you again next week.

Kind Regards,
Team Santa Inc.